My First Ever Blog

Welcome to “Deep Sea Parenting”! Here I will be making my contributions to the internet with respect to my personal thoughts and opinions on living my life while also being a parent. Despite popular belief, being a parent is not my ‘entire life’ (which we’ll talk about in a later blog).

Like any Intro, allow me to start with the basics. Choosing this blog header, “Deep Sea Parenting”, took me all of 15 minutes. My reasons are simple: 1. I’m a parent 2. My name is Ariel; yes that’s a mermaid reference 3. I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the beautiful island of Hawai’i and 4. You can expect some of my posts to get pretty fricken ‘deep’.

I’ll try to keep it light, happy and playful; but I feel like I wouldn’t be real with myself or with you if I only wrote blogs full of sunshine and rainbows. My decision to start this blog was inspired by the dozens, maybe hundreds, of thoughts encompassing my round, Asian head. I’ve been a fan of writing long letters and emails since before I can remember. I even contemplated writing a book. I’m not claiming to be a good writer; it’s just something I enjoy. So I thought, ‘Hey, why not combine this hobby to write, with my hobby of being on the internet, with my hobby of overthinking?’ and VOILA! We have a blog! I have decided to write down, organize and share these thoughts with the world, or at least the parts of the world who have internet access and can view my blog. Why though? In hopes of reaching out to others who may have experienced or are going through similar situations; or perhaps even finding others who might feel like reaching out to me. I figure we all could use the company.

With that said, every Monday I will be releasing a new blog, or a vlog if I’m feeling ambitious enough. I welcome your comments and input and look forward to this experience.

See ya on the next entry!

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