It’s a….

BOY! We are so very excited to announce that we will be having a little baby boy (: Well, maybe not so little. According to the ultrasound tech, he’s a big one. But who doesn’t love chubby, Asian babies? Jason & I had tried 3 times in May to discover the gender of the baby, but this boy is just so stubborn and would not let us peak at his “goods”. (Gee, wonder where he gets the stubbornness from) Then finally, on July 5th Jason and I took a 2 hour road trip to Hilo Hospital, where we met a super sweet ultrasound tech who was actually the sister to a contractor friend of mines. She took tons of pictures and shared a very special moment with us. I wasn’t too shocked, I had the strongest feeling it was going to be a boy. This entire pregnancy is so different from my first. This one is way more difficult and draining. Then again, it could be because both my children have different fathers, hence the difference in the pregnancy. But, who really knows?

I know Jason was hoping for a baby girl. After she announced the gender,I kept my eyes on the screen, a little nervous to look back at Jason. I was afraid to see any kind of disappointment in his eyes. But when I finally looked back at him he was smiling. He was happy, and said “That’s my little buddy!” Which of course, made my smile even bigger. We were excited and could not wait to go home and tell Pepper (who was with the sitter).

Well, Jason wasn’t the only one hoping for a girl. Pepper was insisting on having a little sister. So I already knew that she would be disappointed the moment we told her it wasn’t a girl. However, I know my daughter, and I know that once she actually sees the baby, she’s going to be all about being a big sister. SO! Because this was a moment I wanted to keep forever to show my children when they’re older, I decided to film her reaction… here is a video of my daughter literally falling to her knees in disappointment and holding back her tears because she found out she’s getting a little brother instead.



Normally, I don’t enjoy it when Pepper is disappointed, but this was just too funny to me. Only because I know that her feelings on this are temporary. I know who my daughter is at heart and that is a loving and helpful girl who will make a great big sister.

I will end with an apology. This past Monday was officially my first Monday that I didn’t post a blog and though I love you all, I’m actually not that sorry. If anything, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. But as you can see it’s been a very eventful past couple of days for us. On top of the gender reveal, we got to spend some time with my family at a beautiful wedding and also got to sleep in for the first time in weeks! It was awesome. As a full time working mother who is also heading most of the meal cooking, finances and home projects… It was so unbelievably nice to sleep in till 8 a.m. and just lay there for hours without a care in the world. Pepper was with her father for most of the weekend and Jason and I both had Sunday off. I’ll be back on Thursday for another baby update 🙂 Feel free to check out the baby update tab on my website to hear about my latest cravings and also keep up with my weight gain tracking >_<

Thank you for reading!


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