A Thief

How I almost got ripped off, twice.

Who is my Husband?

A list I made about my husband after one too many glasses of cheap red wine.

3 Mistakes I Made as a Single Mother

Like many, many young mothers, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes as a parent. Being a parent is a learning experience, especially when you’re young & unstable. You spend time trying to gather information from books, online articles, magazines, other parents & try to cook up your own version of “parenting”. Until you discover…

The Return!

I have finally returrrrrned! 😀 & it feels so good! I have missed writing so much. Was it difficult for me to stay away? Well, let’s just say I’ve stashed enough Blog prompts to last me until March of next year. First things first (I’ve been waiting for this) I would like to introduce the…